Casio has received an award for innovation from the Digital Imaging Websites Association (DIWA).

The DIWA Awards recognise innovative technological achievements in areas such as image quality, performance and ergonomics, as well as factors such as user interface.

It was Casio's Exilim Pro EX-F1 megazoom camera that caught the eye of the judges this year. They believed its high speed image capturing capabilities brought a new feature to the amateur market and opened up lots of new opportunities for photographers.

Since the initial announcement of the Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 last year, the camera has received good reviews, and its true potential was first demonstrated at the recent PMA 2008 convention in Las Vegas.

The EX-F1 is capable of ultra high-speed shooting of 60 frames per second for 6 MP still images, and 1,200 fps high speed movie recording. Such shooting speeds have previously only been available in professional scientific equipment, but the EX-F1 makes it available to the mass consumer market for the first time. It can even shoot images before the release button is pressed.

Add to this a fast 12x zoom lens with 5 cm macro, high-speed flash of 7 fps, fully automatic and manual controls, RAW file format, Face Recognition, High Definition movie with stereo sound, 2.8” widescreen LCD and it seems the DIWA Award was well and truly deserved.