Casio has released some information about its new EX-S12 compact for its Exilim range that will get the company's new "Dynamic Photo" functionality that we brought you news of from CES.

The EX-S12 will boast a 3x optical zoom a 2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor and has an effective 12.1-megapixel resolution.

However, more of interest, the company says the EX-S12 "can make the most" of its high-speed image processing engine to let users cut and paste moving subjects onto still backgrounds.

This comes in with the new "Dynamic Photo" function that means the photographer will be able to "cut out" the main subject in an image and then combine it with another image to form the background.

Casio says users can also cut and paste several rapid-succession images to create a moving subject on a still background.

"Casio is dedicated to designing new technology that lets us create features like Dynamic Photo in our digital cameras", said Bill Heuer, vice president of sales for digital imaging division at Casio America.

"We continue to be a leader in the digital camera market, providing unique and convenient ways to capture special moments".

The EX-S12 will be available in the States in April for $249.99 in silver, pink, green and black. We'll bring you news on a UK launch when we have it.