Casio has announced five new point-and-shoot cameras at CES 2009 in Las Vegas.

At the higher end of the line-up are the EX-FC100 and EX-FC10, which both take the technology found in the company's EX-FH20 and EX-F1 models launched last year.

The 9-megapixel pair are both capable of capturing 720p HD movies at an impressive 1000 frames per second. They are both also able to take up to 30 6-megapixel photos per second in burst mode.

Both models also feature the new Dynamic Photo mode that allows users to crop moving subjects out of pictures and place them on a different background of their choosing.

In fact some of the only differences between the two pocket-friendly shooters is that the FC10 has a 2.,5-inch screen and 3x optical zoom, while the FC100 has a 2.7-inch screen and 5x zoom.

This difference filters down to the price as you'd expect, with the FC100 coming in at $399, and the FC10 a little cheaper at $349.

The other three compacts in the line up are the EX-S5, the EX-Z270 and the EX-Z400.

The EX-S5 has a slick look similar to the EX-FC10 and boasts 10.1-megapixels, 3x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch screen and YouTube capture mode.

The EX-270 is very similar, except it adds 4x optical zoom, optical image stabilisation and face detection.

Last up, the EX-Z400 will offer 12-megapixels, 4x optical zoom, image stabilisation, 720p video recording, a 3-inch screen, and YouTube capture mode as well.

The EX-S5 will hit the shelves with a $179 price tag, the EX-Z270 at $229, and EX-Z400 at $299.

No firm European release dates or prices have been confirmed as yet, but as usual - we'll get them to you when we have them.