And there's been another “world's thinnest” winner at CES, this time Casio, for its slim-is-in EX-V7, the slimmest digital camera with 7x optical zoom.

The zoom is equivalent to 38-266mm on a 35mm camera, so it's not particularly wide-angle.

The tiny camera's other major feature, apart from is small size, is its mechanical CCD shift technology, so that even at high zooms, it's possible to take a steady picture. It backs up the mechanical capabilities with an “Anti-Shake DSP”, which boosts the ISO and increases shutter speed to freeze the action.

The US model will also have an eBay Best Shot mode as one of 33 choices of Best Shot. This setting automatically reduces the size of the image, to make it quicker to upload product images to eBay.

Other features include “Auto Tracking AF” to follow moving subjects, movie mode with a high compression so you can shoot video one and a half times longer than when shooting MPEG4.

The Casio EX-V7 will go on sale for around $400 in the US in March, and around £300 in the UK in April.