With all the attention focussed on IFA, the announcement by Casio of a new Exilim compact got a bit lost.

The company has launched the 7.2MP EX-S770, which is bundled with Data Transport software that enables data to be converted to jpegs to be viewed on the camera’s 2.8-inch LCD.

Suggested uses for the function include saving maps and sightseeing recommendations as jpegs so that they can be quickly zoomed in and viewed on the go without having to carry a paper map.

The EX-S770 can record both VGA-size movies as well as videos in a 16:9 aspect ration for widescreen viewing on TVs.

Other features include a 3x optical zoom, a Super Bright wide-screen LCD, and Best shot modes, as well as three different colour casings – silver, blue, or red.