CASIO has announced the launch of a 4.0 megapixel EX-Z40 and the 3.2 megapixel EX-Z30. The two new models, part of the EXILIM ZOOM range of digital cameras, benefit from extra long battery life and 3x optical zoom.

The new EXILIM ZOOM models incorporate the ‘EXILIM Engine', a newly developed compact image processing module with a 3 layer Stack MCM 1, that achieves high picture quality and quick response using a 1.8V low-power system. This makes the cameras' compact dimensions possible and at the same time have a battery life 2.5 times that of previous models, it also enables users a to capture stunning 360 photos a single battery charge Thanks to the EX-Z30 and EX-Z40's unrivalled processing speed, streamed movie clips with sound can also be captured, compared with previous models limit of 30 or 60 second clips. Budding movie makers can now capture memorable events and the only limitation is the capacity of their memory card.

Other impressive features common to both new EXILIM ZOOM models include the large 2.0-inch TFT LCD screen and the Direct On function for one-touch record and play modes. In addition to being USB DIRECT-PRINT compliant for direct connection to printers, the EX-Z40 and EX-Z30 are compatible with the PictBridge and PIM II standards.