Casio launch the EXILIM EX-P600 offering 6 mega pixels with a large diameter Canon 4x optical zoom. The new camera retains the fast start-up time found in other Casio cameras and uses the new four layer Stack MCM Technology1 or EXILIM Engine. Using this engine has also allowed Casio to increase shooting speed to 3 frames per second.

A hybrid auto focus system incorporates the ability of normal contrast auto focus with a phase detect sensor that also sets the depth of field. The EX-P600 offers multi-bracketing, letting users can take a number of shots whilst varying the parameters of AE, WB and AF. High-speed manual setting, available by pressing the proprietary “EX button”, lets the user display and adjust the levels for white balance, ISO sensitivity, metering, and auto focus area settings all on a single screen. When shooting manually, changes to these settings can be done quickly and easily.

The EX-P600 features high-speed play back that allows users to scroll through a large number of images quickly - up to 100 in under 10 seconds - and encompasses a large high-definition 2.0“ TFT LCD screen. A new ‘EX-Finder' display system, showing the camera's aperture, zoom, shutter speed and battery consumption visually, allows advanced users to understand the performance of the camera and make the correct manual settings.

In addition, the EX-P600 enables users to expand the possibilities of their photography by connecting to an outsider strobe and conversion lenses. Movies with audio, limited only by the available memory, are possible and can be viewed on a TV screen via the AV out capability.

The camera will be available in March