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(Pocket-lint) - Casio has announced its new flagship compact in the form of the Exilim EX-ZR200 camera, coming with Casio's Rapid Shutter feature which gives it the ability to shoot 30fps at full resolution.

Looking at the ZR200's list of features, it's clear that Casio has the aim of making it as simple as possible to shoot decent photos, taking as much of the fuss away as possible.

The 16-megapixel camera not only has the Rapid Shutter tech, which will mean you have the best chance of capturing a great image from the multitude taken, but there are also other features which will make sure of some good shots.

First up is the Premium Auto Pro function which, as you'd hope, automatically analyses the shooting scene in order to choose the best settings and perform any relevant image processing. However, it also combines images from high-speed continuous shooting according to the conditions, which should increase the number of usable images.

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The HDR (high dynamic range) feature also steps in to look after your snaps, combining continuous shots with differing exposures and performing highly precise image analysis to change levels of contrast and colour saturation. This also works when shooting video.

There's a wide-angle 24mm, 12.5x optical zoom lens onboard which claims to offer zoom performance equivalent to a maximum of 25x optical zoom; this is done with Casio's Multi Frame SR Zoom, which "combines a number of still images to maintain the image quality needed for high-resolution photography".

The Casio Exilim EX-ZR200 is due to hit the shelves in April.

Writing by Ben Crompton.