Casio is looking to start a revolution in digital art. The company will leverage the Internet with a new service called Imaging Square to process digital photos and convert them into “digital art work”. 

The online system uses common techniques available in pretty much any photo processing software to create pseudo HDR or “virtual painter” effects. There will essentially be three main sections to the new Imaging Square online service, letting you edit, store and then exhibit your art.

We saw several demos of the HDR Art Craft effect which was, well, interesting, perhaps a little extreme for our tastes, more towards abstraction rather than realism. Casio were also good enough to exhibit some of this digital art work, so we thought it best to take a couple of photos and let you judge for yourself.

There will be 12 different "virtual painter" effects avialable, so you can apply a particular style to your photo of Lassie, or turn your safari photo into a water colour, if you so choose.

There will be an online print service letting you change your art into the usual printed t-shirt or coaster, so you can share your virtual creation with your real world compatriots.

The Imaging Square service will launch in February and will be freely available to all, Casio camera owner or not. Casio think this is the future of digital imaging, we’re left wondering whether this is a digital revolution you’ll want to be a part of?