If it’s not Sony spilling the beans of an unannounced Sony Bloggie 3D device leaked in poster campaign at CES, it’s Casio with a new camera called the Casio Exlim Tryx.

Although details are incredibly thin as to what the tech specs of the camera will be, which will no doubt be announced on Wednesday at CES in Las Vegas, what we can tell from the poster campaign outside the Las Vegas Convention Centre is that the device will feature a swivel screen similar to that employed by Agfa almost a decade ago.

The Tryx will feature a 21mm-wide f3.8 lens and what we presume is a touchscreen display, as there aren’t many buttons to be seen on the array of photos used in the advert.

Keen to express those “rotational values” Casio is going with the marketing slogan of “Capture your life from every angle”.

What do you think of the new camera? Do you want your camera to have so much swivel action? Let us know in the comments below.