Casio claims that its EX-Z8000 is the easiest to use camera in its EXILIM range to date. It comes with Quick Mode, which turns it on, takes a snap, previews the image and switches it off again with the press of one button. It also carries Premium Auto; which analyses the type of background, lighting and colourfield and, in real time, assesses the exposure, ISO, and sensitivity levels, focus location, photo blur correction, tonal range and colour balance, and level of noise reduction. Phew!

It also, like with other cameras in the EXILIM range, features Casio's Single Frame SR Zoom technology, using cunning pixel enhancing processes to effectively extend the telephoto range of the compact to 1.5 times the focal zoom.

Unlike the other new camera in the range, the EX-S200, the EX-Z8000 is not exactly slim, but it's in no way a beast. It will still fit in a bag or pocket quite easily.

It is similar to its stablemate, though, in colour options. There's plenty of bright hues, including the yellow one demoed, although you can always plump for black or silver if you're not one of the Ting Tings.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to test the camera's picture quality fully as the firmware was not the final build, and therefore not up to scratch. Nonetheless, the SR Zoom tech did a fine job, without adding the digital artefacts normally associated with stretching the boundaries of focal length.

Available in mid-September, the EX-Z8000 will cost around £149.