According to Casio's claims, the EXILIM EX-S200 is the world's slimmest camera, not just the brand's, and that it is only 14.9mm thick at its thinnest point. Plus, the company says that it's only the size of a credit card.

Well, we can safely say that it would, indeed, fit into a pair of skinny jeans, and it's hard to dispute its boast that it's the world's thinnest - the Pocket-lint certainly can't remember seeing anything more slim. But, the size of a credit card? Surely not?

Well, it's not quite. It's actually a little wider, but considering that it's actually a 14.1 megapixel camera, Casio can be forgiven for slight exaggeration.

It can also be forgiven for a few gremlins in the system, as we were told before we switched the camera on that the firmware is not finalised, and that there may be sporadic glitches. Also, the resolution isn't quite as stable as the mass-market product yet. Nonetheless, what we did see was impressive indeed.

With Single Frame SR Zoom, the EX-S200 can maintain image quality through 1.5 times the range of the optical zoom, and we're certainly impressed with the results. Unlike with other digital zooms, the extra range in this instance is gained without adding any artefacts.

Also, we love the Quick Mode function, which, with a single press of the shutter button, turns on the camera, takes a pic, previews it for you to see, and then turns the camera off again. You need never miss that shot of an elephant buying crisps in Tesco ever again.

The EX-S200 will be out mid-September (more than enough time to nail down the firmware) for around £199. And check back here for a complete review when the final build is ready...