Programming genius Scott Forman has developed a Windows-only application called ShutterVoice, that will allow a photographer to control the majority of the functions in Canon's EOS Utility software with their voice.

This means photographers will be able to shoot lighting tests solo, without the need of someone else in the room to click buttons.

The ShutterVoice utility will allow a photographer to adjust everything from shutter speed to aperture, even giving them control of focus and autofocus functions using simple spoken commands. Even better, you don't even have to be able to see the PC's display, let alone be in reach of the keyboard.

The software uses the Microsoft Speech SDK for all of the voice recognition, as well featuring a voice synthesiser that confirms what you’ve asked it to do.

Scott has tested the application's compatibility with an EOS 50D and EOS 20D, but other beta testers have confirmed its compatibility with the EOS Rebel XSi and EOS 30D. In theory it should work with any Canon SLR that’s compatible with the EOS Utility.

ShutterVoice is expected to be available in the US sometime in December for $30. There's no news on if we can expect it in the UK as yet.