Canon has released firmware update version 1.0.9 for the EOS 450D that fixes a number of issues reported by users.

Firstly it fixes the Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) which doesn't work properly when used with exposure compensation, and causes the camera to fail when saving the third shot to SD card.

Another issue was reported which saw the Live View exposure simulation warning indication, which would usually flash up when the image is not being displayed at a suitable brightness level (i.e. too bright, or not bright enough), not display properly during Live View shooting. This has now also been corrected.

Finally, it fixes problems which meant images could not be played back after conrinuous shooting when a printer is connected to the camera or the video output terminal is used.

With all these problems fixed by the new update, anyone with firmware below version 1.0.9 is strongly advised to download the it. Head over to the Canon website for full details on how to do so, and to download the file.