Canon has announced a range of new features for its iMAGE GATEWAY photo sharing software even though its UK company director doesn’t believe in the service.

The new service will give users the ability to share up to 100MB worth of photos and movies online as well as offering a range of new creative options for editing and printing photos and gifts.

However Canon's UK Country Director, Alessandro Stanzani, told us last month at PMA that the company wanted “to stay focused on printing at home".

Canon, who offer Image Gateway, an online storage and printing service, don't according to its Company Director, seem to be enjoying the same kind of numbers as HP and Kodak are with their Snapfish and Easy Share Gallery does.

"Only 3 percent of our 6 million camera sales each year go on to use the Image Gateway online service", Stanzani continued. "We just can't compete with the likes of Google".

The new service and features are available from today.