We criticised the IXUS 100 on several fronts. The first was the price for questionable gain from jumping up the megapixels on the sensor. The second was the inclusion of a viewfinder that served little purpose, because it was just too small.

With the IXUS 120, Canon have removed the viewfinder and with it one of the gripes that we had. This gives room for a new 2.7-inch screen on the back, but still with 230k-dots.

Other changes include a different lens, which now features a greater F2.8 max aperture and focal length of 28-112mm (35mm equiv.).

It still comes in at £299 (the original price of the IXUS 100), so still sits at the expensive end of compact cameras. We'll see whether it is worth the cash in a review soon. Until then, here's a few pics.