Canon has admitted that the 1-hour battery life for its new HG10 HD Hard Disk Drive camcorder isn't good enough.

The news comes as the company launched the new £1000 40GB hard drive camcorder to the UK as part of its autumn collection in London.

"We know that the 1 hour isn't up to scratch", a spokesman for the company told

The one-hour battery life, which also affects the company's flagship camcorder model the HV20, is a far cry from the promoted 15 hour storage capacity of the new player.

There is some respite however, Canon offers an optional 2 hour battery for around £40.

The omission comes on the back of comments from Canon that the quality of the footage on hard drive based camcorders isn't as good as their tape equivalent;

"The quality won't be as good as the HV20 because of the amount of data you can record. But we don't think consumers will notice the difference", we were told.

The new model joins Canon's range of consumer camcorders in the UK.