Canon has released another four camcorder to the UK market, two that record to miniDV, and two that record to DVD.

Its direct-to-DVD camcorder range has been updated with the widescreen-ready DC230 and DC201, while the miniDV range will include the new MD160 and MD101, also widescreen-ready.

The four share many features in common, including an intuitive Joystick controller that makes shooting with one hand easy, and a Quick Start button on the two top-end models. The Quick Start button brings the camera out of standby rapidly, so that you're always ready to shoot.

The DC230 and DC201 both offer digital still shooting, although not at very high resolution, and the DC230 records to both DVD and SD cards.

Both the DC230 and the MD160 offer 35x optical zooms, while the DC201 and MD101 have lenses that extend to 30x zoom. The 35x zoom models therefore also feature Electronic Image Stabiliser to reduce noticeable camera shake.

Both of the miniDV models will be on the shelves in February, while the DC201 won't be available until mid March, and the DC230, from early April.