In addition to the new 400D DSLR, Canon has launched three new PowerShot A-series models, to replace the A610, A620, and the A700.

The new A710 IS for the first time features Image Stabilisation technology on a Powershot A-series camera.

The images captured on the 7.1MP sensor are that much more likely to be sharp thanks to the new integration of the IS technology, as Canon claims it lets photographers shoot at shutter speeds up to 3 stops slower.

All three new models feature 9-Point AiAF or Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus, which scans and picks out the subject in a scene so that the camera focuses correctly even on off-camera subjects.

They also boast FlexiZone AF/AE, which lets users manually select the focus point by moving a little auto focus window around the scene in the viewfinder.

Digital Tele-Converter promises to add constant digital zoom to every shot, while the Safety Zoom protects the image from interpolation when digitally zooming, so that image quality isn’t sacrificed.

The A640 boasts 10MP, while the A620 only 8MP; both feature a rotating 2.5-inch LCD and 4x optical zoom that measures 35-140mm in a 35mm equivalent range.

All three cameras are available in September, the A640 for around £330, the A630 for £270.