Canon has launched the three next-generation DVD camcorders: the DC19, DC21, and DC22.

All three are designed for 16:9 widescreen recording, and can store video footage on to DVD-R/-RW/-R Dual Layer discs.

The three new camcorders are aimed at the mid-range market, or “busy young families”, according to Mogens Jens, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging Europe.

They all feature 2.2 megapixel CCD imaging, and record video straight to DVD as well as still images to mini-SD.

Designed for one-handed operation, almost all the buttons on the rear can be reached with the thumb.

Other features include a 2.7-inch widescreen LCD with an on-screen level marker and a 10x optical zoom.

The DC21 and DC22 have an AV input connection as well as an S-video out jack.

The DC19, DC21, and DC22 will be available from September priced at £539, £549, and £599 respectively.