As part of the company's announcement of 39 new products across digital cameras to printers, Canon has found time to launch a new DVD based camcorder.

The new DC100 is Canon's entry-level DVD (-R/-RW) camcorder, capable of recording both video and still images straight to disc is a similar way to Sony's Handycam model.

Realising that virtually everyone has widescreen televisions, the camera automatically records in widescreen and offers a one-push button option to choose between 16:9 and standard 4:3 shooting.

In addition to the widescreen mode, the camera offers a 25x optical and 1000x digital zoom lens with Electronic Image Stabilisation and variable zoom speeds.

The camera also includes a DIGIC DV image processor, providing dual signal paths for video and stills and a built in sliding lens cover to ensure you'll never lose the lens cap again

The DC100 will be available from May 2006. Canon has yet to set a price for the model.