Canon has announced three new Ixus cameras today with the aim to strengthen its Ixus range from a host of competitors proclaiming to be better than the compact digital camera.

The three new models; the Ixus 60, Ixus 65 and Ixus 800IS are all in keeping with Canon's traditional Ixus styling and offer improved features across the board.

Canon's flagship model of the three is the new Ixus 800IS. The compact camera is a 6.0 megapixel model that offers a 4x optical zoom and a 2.5-inch LCD. The camera is also the first to feature an image stabiliser as Canon follows the rest of the digital camera market into helping consumers take better blur-free images.

The camera, which offers 16 shooting modes will cost £399.99 and be available from April 2006.

Canon also launched the Ixus 65, another compact camera, this time with a 3-inch display aimed at the gadget loving photographer. Although missing out on the image stabilizer, the camera features a 3-inch LCD display and 6 megapixel resolution.

The model also features a 3x optical zoom and 16 shooting modes. In keeping with the gadget appeal, the camera also features a touch dial to the side of the screen that works in a similar way to the iPod, displaying the menu controls directly onto the LCD screen.

The final model launched is the Ixus 60, a standard upgrade from the Ixus 50 that includes a 2.5-inch screen and 6 megapixels over the Ixus 50's 5 megapixel offering.

The Digital IXUS 60 will be available from March 2006 and Digital IXUS 65 from April 2006, priced at £299 and £349 respectively.