Canon has announced two new digital video camera ranges today the MV800 and the MVX300.

The MV800 is a range of 800K pixel digital video cameras. The range is designed to appeal to first time buyers looking for simplicity and quality and comprises of the MV850i, MV830i, MV830 and MV800.

The MV800 range also features Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS), high-resolution true 16:9 wide screen mode with letterbox display, a double neutral density filter, web cam functionality, Super Night mode (MV850i) and Night Mode. The MV850i, MV830i and MV830 feature digital still capability plus PictBridge for direct printing to compatible photo printers without the computer.

Despite their tiny size (only 51mm thick and weighing just 430g), the digital video cameras feature a large 2.4” colour LCD screen and are powered with the same DIGIC-DV processor used to drive Canon's high end digital video cameras.
The MVX300 Canon are hoping will be seen as a more compact and stylish range and features 1.33 mega pixel resolution and comprises of MVX350i, MVX330i and MVX300 digital video cameras.

The MVX350i features a 20x optical zoom (400x combined), while the MVX330i and MVX300 both feature an 18x zoom (360x combined). Digital video cameras in the range incorporate high-resolution 16:9 mode, built in mini video light (MVX350i), digital still flash (MVX350i and MVX330i), Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) and large 2.5” 123K pixel LCD screen.

Both ranges of camcorders will be available from late February 2005.