Canon has announced a new flatbed scanner: the CanoScan 5200F film and document scanner. The scanner offers 2400x4800 dpi, 48-bit colour depth and a 6-frame Film Adapter Unit allowing high volume film scanning.

An enlarged FAU allows up to six 35mm unmounted negatives or four 35mm mounted slides to be scanned in a single operation while a USB 2.0 connection and faster scanning engine aims to deliver faster scan speeds on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Fast Multi-Photo mode creates separate de-skewed files from a single pass scan of multiple photographs.

The scanner also features ‘EZ' buttons provide single step functionality for common operations, such as scanning to PDF file or email.

Canon has included its FARE Level 2 technology to help restore photographs to their original condition, automatically removing dust and scratches. During the normal scanning process, a second infra-red scan detects and pinpoints imperfections in and on the film surface. These are then automatically repaired. Reconstruction of colour corrects the effects that aging can have on photographs by intelligently resaturating faded colours. A grain correction function reduces grain effect resulting from the use of fast (high ASA) film. Precise detection of the film frame ensures that automatic trimming captures the entire film image, avoiding excessive trimming.

Four ‘EZ' buttons can be individually configured to perform commonly used functions. As well as scanning straight to PDF, these can include functions such as scanning direct to a printer (providing a good alternative to a dedicated photocopier) and scanning automatically to a ready-to-go email attachment. ‘EZ' button functions are customised with the CanoScan toolbox utility.

The scanner comes with software to get you going including ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 and OmniPage SE OCR 2.0

The CanoScan 5200F will be available from 1 June 2004 for around £129