PRESS RELEASE: Canon, leader in photographic and imaging technology, is pleased to announce three new Digital IXUS cameras. This makes a total of 30 IXUS models released since the revolutionary, original IXUS took the market by storm in 1996.

The 5.0 Megapixel Digital IXUS 500 is the new flagship of the Digital IXUS fleet. The 4.0 Megapixel Digital IXUS 430 replaces the previous top of the range Digital IXUS 400, while the 3.2 Megapixel Digital IXUS IIs takes over from the successful Digital IXUS II.

Launched to popular and critical acclaim in May 1996, the original stainless steel IXUS APS camera triggered an avalanche success. Canon has stuck with IXUS ever since, never straying from the IXUS philosophy of simplicity and beauty that feels great in the hands. Released in May 2000, the first Digital IXUS marked the beginning of a string of successes for Canon in the style-conscious digital compact sector.

"This new range celebrates eight stylish IXUS years," said Malcolm Hills Head of Canon Consumer Imaging in the UK and Ireland. "Unmistakeably IXUS, these new cameras bring together uncompromising build quality and an abundance of fantastic technologies in a triumph of miniaturisation and design".

All metal bodies

Still incorporated into the new digital models is original IXUS creator, Yasushi Shiotani's, distinctive 'box and circle' design, variations of which are now used by many other camera manufacturers. All three new cameras are protected with superbly finished stainless steel bodies with the traditional silky IXUS feel. The new 'Silver White' finish of the Digital IXUS IIs is so called since it contains traces of silver, whilst a distinguishing gold ring circling the lens barrel of the Digital IXUS 500 sets it apart from other models.

Image capture

Images taken with the 5.0 Megapixel Digital IXUS 500 and 4.0 Megapixel Digital IXUS 430 can be printed up to A3 size without image quality degradation. Both the Digital IXUS 500 and Digital IXUS 430 include a 3.0x optical zoom, while the Digital IXUS IIs features a 2.0x optical zoom. Optical zoom ensures the full sensor size is employed when zooming in on a subject, so pictures taken with the zoom do not suffer from image degradation. All cameras feature 9-point Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus (AiAF) for fast and sharp images, even with off-centre subjects.

Superb images, no waiting

Each of the three models feature the same dedicated DIGIC processor now installed across all Canon cameras up to the EOS 10D Digital SLR and professional series PowerShot Pro1. DIGIC delivers superb colour rendering and image quality, handling all the complex algorithms required to make colours brighter, images sharper and focusing crisper. It does this with unrivalled speed and efficiency, making for highly responsive cameras and eliminating the phenomena of staring at the back of the camera waiting for an image to display. iSAPS technology uses camera settings and environmental data to predict the most likely scene and makes adjustments accordingly.

Moving pictures

Each camera features 3-minute QVGA or QQVGA movie clips with sound recording, full playback and in-camera cutting and editing. Digital IXUS 500 and Digital IXUS IIs can also capture high-resolution VGA movie clip up to 30 seconds at single recording. When connected to any Canon compact photo printer, all models include 'Movie Print' mode. This extracts a succession of up to 63 individual and evenly spaced movie clip frames from any given movie clip and automatically prints them as thumbnails on a single sheet of postcard size paper (100 x 148 mm). This is ideal for freezing and analysing or admiring action sequences such as a golf swing. An “ID Photo Print” function prints a number of durable passport photograph size images (of selectable height and width) to a single sheet.

Simple photo printing and PC connection

The cameras all include Canon's new Print/Share button. When connected via USB cable to any PictBridge or Direct Print compatible photo printer or Windows PC, a blue light on the Print/Share button illuminates to indicate successful connection. Pushing the button when lit instigates a print of the currently displayed image (based on the connected printer's default settings) or an automatic transfer of images to the PC . The camera transfers all images, all images not yet transferred, or all images marked for transfer, depending on the user setting selected in the camera's set up options.

CANON iMAGE GATEWAY - no fuss online sharing

All new IXUS cameras come with a full membership to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, a personal online photo gallery with 100MB of free online space for storing and sharing favourite albums. CANON iMAGE GATEWAY can also be used to personalise your camera with start-up image and sound-effect downloads.

Options to shoot anywhere

For diving, surfing and skiing, optional waterproof cases are available, giving the cameras full protection to a depth of 40 metres. Optional car battery adaptors are available for the Digital IXUS 500 and Digital IXUS 430, while extra power adaptors and optional soft cases are available for all models.


Software supplied includes browsing and printing software ZoomBrowser EX (Windows) and ImageBrowser (Mac). Other software includes PhotoStitch, plus photo and movie manipulation software ArcSoft PhotoStudio and VideoImpression. Drivers include TWAIN (Windows 98/2000) and WIA (Windows Me). Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) support allows the camera to connect to any Windows XP and Mac OS X (v10.1/v10.2) system without the requirement for a driver installation.

Pricing, availability and reader enquiries

These new Digital IXUS models will be available from March 2004 for the following prices:
Digital IXUS 500 £399 RRP inc. VAT
Digital IXUS 430 £329 RRP inc. VAT
Digital IXUS IIs £269 RRP inc .VAT

Reader enquiries: 08705 143723 /