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(Pocket-lint) - Everyone loves a superzoom, and Canon has set its sights on the top-end of the market with the initial unveiling of the PowerShot G3 X.

And it's not doing things by half measures. Featuring a 1-inch sensor for heightened image quality, the camera also employs a 25x optical zoom lens, providing a 24-600mm equivalent zoom to cater for far-away, wide-angle and close-up shots all from the one camera. We don't know how fast that lens' aperture range may be, but to speculate: we presume f/2.8-5.6. 

With those kinds of figures anticipate a camera on a larger scale, akin to its Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 competitor - but it's hard to know for now because Canon is being relatively tight-lipped about the G3 X's meatier details.

The one official image makes the camera look much like its G1 X cousin, with a quick visual assessment showing only a limited amount of bulk. The image shows a standalone mode dial, separate exposure compensation dial and front thumbwheel all atop the camera, so it's certainly one for snappers who want to take full control.

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But that, ladies and gents, is as much as we know at this moment in time. No finer details, resolution, or tid bits to whet those superzoom appetites any more.

Here's hoping the PowerShot G3 X is as sturdy as the legendary PowerShot G3 from way back in 2002.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 4 February 2015.