Canon China and Canon Japan have announced the new Canon EOS M2 camera. It comes as a smaller replacement for the Canon EOS M. What Canon hasn’t announced is any plans for its release in Europe or America.

While the EOS M2 is set for a mid-December released in Japan we’ve still heard nothing for the rest of the world, which at this late stage suggests it certainly won’t hit Europe for Christmas.

The Canon EOS M2 will feature Wi-Fi built in, Servo Mode when shooting video, plus a faster autofocus system with the new Hybrid CMOS AF II. The sensor itself will be 18-megapixels and the camera is compatible with Canon EF-M, EF and EF-S lenses.

We have contacted Canon and got this response: "Currently it is not planned to range in UK or Europe. Distribution and demand is constantly reviewed and this may change in the future." Promising.