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(Pocket-lint) - The Canon EOS-1D C isn't new by any standard, but it's such an elusive - and pricey - camera that it's taken us until now to grab a hands-on look at it. Complete with the 50mm CN-E 50mm f/1.3 fully-manual cinema lens.

Think Canon EOS 1D X then think even bigger, in terms of abilities anyway. This video-focused device isn't mucking around - but you probably already knew that. Capable of shooting 4K at 24fps, or 1080p at 60/50fps, this full-frame beast is as serious as a videographer's DSLR gets. It's Hollywood grade stuff.

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And that lens. Oh that lens. It's so big for a 50mm that it almost matches up to the camera's body size. It's the first time we've seen any of Canon's cinema lens range in the flesh and it didn't disappoint. A non-click, silky-smooth analogue aperture rotational ring is the star of the show, delivering true manual performance that we just wanted to keep on twisting all day long.

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We can't say much more than that, awe-struck as we are. It's always great to see what the high-end professionals use behind the scenes.

But at £10,000 for the 1D C body ($12,000 in the US) and about half that much again for the 50mm CN-E lens it's a mega buy. But then it is a mega device capable of mega results.

Writing by Mike Lowe.