Canon is rumoured to be testing a new super high-end professional DSLR camera, one that could retain the build quality and look of the Canon EOS-1D X, but with a mighty 75-megapixel sensor or more.

Photography Bay claims that a reliable source has said that the rear screen is "shockingly high resolution". The frame rate is also claimed to be greater than the 1D X, but there's no clue as to whether that is at full frame or not.

The source also stated that the camera could be announced this year, with a release for next.

The photography-specific site does post a disclaimer, however. While it is feasible that the Japanese firm is testing a camera with such a high resolution and super-fast processors, along with all manner of other concepts and future gear, it is more likely that it will stick with the 47-megapixel sensor for its next-generation pro camera, the Canon EOS 1S.

Speculation has been rife for a while that this particular model is to be introduced in September or October.