Video capture - or mooovie capture, to give it the full Austin Powers dues - has been a rapid rise to be reckoned with in the DSLR camera world. Canon's already dangled the 4K 24fps carrot out there in the shape of the EOS 1D C and now it's gone one step further by confirming that the camera will benefit from a 25fps 4K capture mode come April this year.

Yup, the illustrious Canon EOS 1D C - the first DSLR capable of supporting 4K capture - will take virtual delivery via firmware to squeeze in that extra frame rate. Sounds great from a European PAL point of view, but no word on whether there will be a 30fps option for Stateside NTSC shooters. Still, we'd need to see broadcast catch up to run such high-def footage first, but nothing like a bit of future-proofing.

Format-wise the 1D C's 4K capture is available only as an 8-bit Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) output, which also handles YUV 4:2:2 colour. The camera can simultaneosuly output an H.264 HD time-coded proxy via the HDMI output, but no higher than 1080p. It might not be Red One, but there's a lot on offer for the £10K body-only asking price.

If Canon's been able to squeeze the extra frame rate out of the 4,096 x 2,160 resolution capture then, who knows, the 1D C may not yet have shown all its cards...

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