In news that is news to no one, Canon has decided to stop making an old camera - the 5D MK II - and will now concentrate on selling a new camera - the MK III - instead. Presumably, this announcement comes as it nears the end of its stock of the MK II. Obviously, retailers will still have the much-loved camera available to buy for some time to come.

So, if you want to grab a bargain, now is probably the time to do it, while there is still stock of the older model knocking about. A quick peek on Amazon tells us that a MK II could be yours for about £1,600, while a the 5D MK III is a bit more pricey at £2,200. While the MK III is a significant reworking, at least behind the scenes, that doesn't change the fact that the MKII still an amazing camera, especially for video.

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The 5D MK II revolutionised filmmaking, with its fantastic range of lenses, full-frame sensor and the ability to record 1080p video. It is now common to see people recording TV shows or even feature films on these little cameras, and while other SLRs do video, it was the 5D MK II that really got things moving. Now Canon has a whole range of SLRs that do video incredibly well, but also new movie camera that build on the success of the 5D, but are targeted specifically at filmmaking.

We'll miss the 5D MK II, but at least the 5D MK III is here to take away the pain.