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(Pocket-lint) - An image of what is purportedly Canon's first mirrorless compact system camera has been leaked online, appearing on a Japanese website that swears by its credibility.

The site, Digital Camera Info, says the picture came from a reliable source, hinting that it was supplied by one of the "camera store sites". It also believes the name of the all-new venture for the company will be Canon EOS M, based on the fact that the letters "EOS" and "M" can clearly be seen on the top of the body in the picture.

Pocket-lint has been hearing rumours for a while now that Canon would be introducing a new mirrorless compact system camera to its line-up in order to compete with just about everybody else. And while we've not got a sniff of any specifications so far, we have also heard the date of 23 July (this coming Monday) for a possible official announcement.

If the leaked image is valid, that specific date is becoming a real contender. And considering what we think about the recent Canon EOS 650D DSLR and the steps forward the company has made of late, we can't wait to get our hands on a EOS M, or whatever it turns out to be called.

UPDATE: Canon Rumours has also come by a few extra leaked pictures, this time of the camera itself rather than a press shot.

first picture of canon s mirrorless compact leaked eos m name touted image 2

The 23 July announcement date is looking more likely still.

first picture of canon s mirrorless compact leaked eos m name touted image 3

UPDATE: Specs for the Canon EOS M camera have leaked plus even more images. 

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Writing by Rik Henderson.