The BBC has given the go ahead to Canon’s EOS C300 HD camcorder being used for its range of high-definition channels. It means both internal and external BBC production teams can use the camera for their shows, as it is deemed to have met the European Broadcasting Union recommendation of EBU R118, a requirement for any BBC show.

The EOS C300 is the first model from Canon’s new Cinema EOS System and boasts an 8.3-megapixel Super 35mm-equivalent CMOS sensor with around 8.29 million effective pixels.

The camera enables recording directly to two CF memory cards, thanks to MPEG-2 Full HD compression and a 50 Mbps recording rate. It should prove to be particularly popular among outdoor production crews because of the compact and lightweight nature of the camera, as well as its ability to adapt to varied locations.

Launched in November 2011, the Canon EOS C300 becomes the third full HD camera to be approved by the BBC joining the XF305 and XF300. At £12,000 per unit however, it may not be within every crew's budget.

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