Canon is set to announce a brand new full-frame flagship DSLR tomorrow (18 October), according to a post on

The new camera is said to feature an 18-megapixel sensor capable of going all the way up to 51,200 ISO. Expect a pair of Digic V processors, leading to what we imagine is a pretty rapid shutter speed and image write time, on top of what will be flagship processing and settings.

Rumours are suggesting frame rates all the way up to 14fps, which is a boatload for something full frame and likely why both Digic V processors are needed. There is also said to be a huge 61-point auto focus system.

The result of this camera will likely be that Canon combines its 1D and 1Ds lineup into a single body, as there are enough megapixels as well as shutter speed in the new camera to match both.

There is also said to be a new battery included in the camera, which will likely be keeping that full frame sensor alive and snapping for longer.

Expect to see whatever Canon is about to announce to be available in March. Pocket-lint will keep you posted as any announcements are made by Canon.

UPDATE: Canon has indeed updated the 1D, launching the Canon EOS-1D X. You can find all the details in our news story.

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