The good folk at Canon have chosen CES week to bring word of not one, not two, but 10 brand-spanking new camcorders; one in the  pro range and nine in the Legria, although it is not a CES launch.

So without further ado, let's crack on with the lineup. Canon's video range is enhanced by a mixture of professional and consumer range efforts which include the new pro XA10, consumer Legria HF G10 and new Legria FS400 series - a range of Canon's smallest-ever standard definition camcorders. Meanwhile new devices are added to Canon's existing  Legria HF M-series and Legria HF R-series.

New to Canon’s growing range of file-based professional camcorders is the XA10, a highly compact model offering decent image quality, professional audio features and full manual control.

Meanwhile, sitting at the top of the Legria range, the new Legria HF G10 encourages video enthusiasts to take their creative video to the next level with technologies and features derived from Canon’s professional models.

The Legria HF M41, Legria HF M46 and Legria HF M406 in the M-series bring HD movies to the home in an easy-to-use compact form factor, and should make for a decent entry-level purchase. Whilst the Legria HF R28, Legria HF R26 and Legria HF R206 brings much of the same but with a few "unique features thrown in".

If HD isn't your cup of tea, then you might want to look at the Legria FS46 and Legria FS406 - affordable, convenient camcorders that are ideal for users looking for good image quality in standard definition.

Those opting for the XA10 professional model, as well as the premium consumer models, including the Legria HF G10, Legria HF M41, Legria HF M46 and Legria HF M406 include Canon's CMOS Pro sensor - providing enhanced low-light performance and wide dynamic range. These camcorders will also have the new Cinema-Look Filters, Story Creator mode and Touch Decoration – a range of functions designed to help users to shoot videos with a bit more creativity.

Cinema-Look will also come with the Legria HF R28, Legria HF R26 and Legria HF R206.

There's no price or release date mentioned as of yet, but keep checking Pocket-lint, where we'll keep you posted.