Canon has released the next model in their G-series of high-end compact cameras in the form of the PowerShot G12. As ever, Pocket-lint got hands-on the new model for your viewing pleasure.

In the hands the PowerShot G12 looks and feels the same as last year's G11, although there have been a few tweaks to the hardware. The biggest difference is the inclusion of a new front control dial which you can define, so you set it to control the aperture for example. 

The PowerShot G12 also comes with Canon's HS System, which combines a high sensitivity 10-megapixel CCD sensor with the DIGIC4 processor, which Canon say offers enhanced low light shooting. You also get Hybrid IS to enable you to handhold low light shots.

A new HDR mode finds its way into the scene shooting modes, and as you'd expect from a high-end compact, you get the full range of shooting options from auto to manual. RAW capture is also offered.

A welcome change is also ushered into the video capture, with the Canon PowerShot G12 offering 720/24p capture with stereo audio over the previous iteration's VGA capture. 

The hotshoe on the top will accept a range of accessories, including Canon's Speedlite flashes, which we gave a try. There is also a filter accessory (£49.99) which attaches to the front of the camera, pictured here also, which will accept any 58mm filters for more creative shooting.

Aimed at the enthusiast and pro market, the G12 also comes with a premium price of £539. All the details are over in our news story, if you want to know more. If not, enjoy the pictures.

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