Canon has launched a new version of its popular Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera, which is catered towards event and studio photographers.

The Canon 7DSV (Studio Version) will come with four levels of “locking” camera controls for studio environments says the company.

In addition to the “locking” feature on the new EOS 7D Studio Version, Canon is also introducing a Canon Barcode Solution, which it says will link customer data directly with the image file, so that it can be maintained throughout the entire workflow process - ideal for school photographers, forensic and medical photo workflows.

"The camera has four different lock levels allowing administrators to enable the appropriate level of camera functionality for any studio operation. Custom functionality management is also achieved through each level by unlocking individual features according to operator-specific needs. This complete level of control is guarded by a daily password preventing anyone with a different vision from changing the camera settings and disrupting the overall project and workflow", Canon says.

The new EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) Barcode Kit (EOS 7DSV and WFT-E5A with firmware change) will carry an estimated selling price of $ $2599 in the US.

The EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) body only will carry an estimated selling price of $1829.

However, it doesn't look like current Canon 7D owners will be able to upgrade via a firmware update.