On what has been a busy day for the consumer camcorder market, the award for worst timing has to go to Canon, who chose the same day that Sony introduced its game-changing NEX-VG10E, to announce the rival of its latest camcorder - the Canon Legria HF M32.

On any other day, the spec of the Legria HF M32 would have got the camcorder enthusiast in us excited, but it hasn't got interchangeable lenses and that is what we require now to be truly satisfied. Until today we didn't know we had that option you see.

But, it's only fair that we give the Canon Legria HF M32 the coverage it deserves - after all, it does sound like a very decent piece of kit.

The HF M32 boasts 64GB of flash storage (which you can add to with SDHC and also SDXC cards for the first time with a Legria device), a 3.3-megapixel Full HD CMOS sensor and an 18x advanced zoom. It has a Canon HD Video Lens, DIGIC DV III processing technology and it is capable of recognising up to 35 individual faces in a frame.

It has 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD display which uses Canon's 3D flip view gallery function and you can convert HD videos to SD within the camera to allow for easy direct uploading to YouTube.

The Canon Legria HF M32 is due to hit the shops in September, but prices haven't been confirmed yet.

(In the States this camera is going by the name Canon Vixia HF M32)