Canon has just announced a new DSLR camera as part of its entry-level range of digital SLR cameras and Pocket-lint was on hand to grab a quick and dirty hands-on.

The new model, the Canon EOS 550D, will sport an 18-megapixel APS-C sensor and come with a number of cool features that go beyond the megapixel rush.

Those features include the ability to limit the ISO in auto mode - so you don't end up taking a batch of pictures that are too noisy - and a greater emphasis on movie shooting.

Now rather than having to work your way through a series of menus (by pressing the star button) you can access live view and auto focus with the press of a single dedicated button on the back. 

Other new tricks are greater control over frame rate and the ability to output straight into your TV via HDMI.

The new camera is expected to hit the shops in March and cost £899 including an 18-55mm kit lens.