Canon has rolled out another model for the PowerShot range in the form of the SX210 IS - a superzoom with a 14.1-megapixel sensor. It's the replacement for the PowerShot SX200 IS.

As such, the specs have been boosted compared to its predecessor. A 12x zoom has become a 14x zoom. A 12.1-megapixel sensor has become a 14.1-megapixel sensor. 30fps 720p video recording has become... well, actually, it's still just 30fps 720p video recording.

It's also retained the DIGIC4 image processing, optical image stabilization and 28mm wide-angle lens of the SX200. What has been upgraded, however, is the 3-inch 16:9 display, which now offers higher contrast and increased visibility compared to its older brother.

There's a pile of smart scene detection tech, along with a smart flash exposure mode and motion sensors to work out exactly what the shutter speed should be in a given situation. It can detect up to 35 faces in each frame, and there's an option to wait for an extra face before taking the photo - for ease of self-photography.

It'll work with SD, SDHC and the massive SDXC memory cards, and it includes Eye-Fi functions if you plug in an Eye-Fi card. There's an HDMI port on the camera, and there's also 2GB of online image storage bundled in case you want to store your pictures on the Web.

The PowerShot SX210 IS will be showing up in March 2010, and will cost £360.