If you liked the sound of some of the Canon camcorders that were announced last month at CES, you may have been a little disappointed for the lack of price and availability information given at the time.

Well there is some good news, sort of. Canon has eventually made pricing and release information public, but it is for the US only at the moment. Still it may give us some idea of what we can expect to pay and when.

Vague as ever, Canon listed the months we can expect to see the camcorders, rather than any exact dates. But it's something, and that's always better than nothing.

The price and availability for the camcorders is below. It's worth noting that the list is short by one camcorder that we reported on from CES 2009 - the FS200. It's unclear as to why but it may be a Europe-only release.

We'll get you any news on confirmed European information when we have it. Until then:

* Vixia HF S10: $1299.99, early March
* Vixia HF S100: 1099.99, early March
* Vixia HF20: $899.99, early April
* Vixia HF200: $749.99, early April
* Vixia HV40: $999.99, early June
* FS22: $599.99, mid April
* FS21: $499.99, mid April
* FS200: $329.99, early April
* DC420: $369.99, early April
* DC410, $299.99, early April
* ZR960: $249.99, early April
* HG20: $899.00, "ongoing" (previously announced as Sept)
* HG21: $1299.00, "ongoing" (previously announced as Sept)