Canon has released a firmware update for the G10 camera.

Version corrects the problem of a magenta cast that was appearing on some RAW images. It was mostly noticed in continuous shooting mode under the ISO 1600 manual setting, where the second and subsequent RAW images came out with a magenta hue over it.

However, this phenomenon also occurs in the second and subsequent recorded RAW images captured by single shooting, but only if the LCD monitor display mode is set to the "Off" position.

The problem is not shown on the camera's LCD monitor, and could only be noticed when image processing software is used to develop the RAW images on a PC. It is worth noting that only RAW images were affected, and not JPEGs.

The update will prevent any of this happening in the future - although unfortunately - any images that have been previously affected by this phenomenon, cannot be fixed.

For details on how to tell if your camera needs the update, head on over to the Canon website, where you will also be able to download it.