Star Wars characters in unexpected places

This Design Crowd competition has Photoshoppers imagining Star Wars characters in places you'd never expect them with hilarious results. (image credit: adamplitt/Design Crowd)
Imagine a world where Chewbacca has not only travelled across space but also through time in order to fight during World War 2. (image credit: MihkeleUkulele/Design Crowd)
Nien Nunb flew as the co-pilot for General Lando Calrissian aboard the Millennium Falcon. But now he's found a new career as a postman. (image credit: Weston 206/Design Crowd)
Everyone's favourite gold droid C-3PO is seen here turning to a new life of modelling. We have to admit, he looks great in a dress.  (image credit: crazylipps/Design Crowd)
In an amusing crossover, Admiral Ackbar is seen as a Captain about a Starfleet vessel (image credit: jonthemurphy/Design Crowd)
We wonder what would have happened to the United States if President John F. Kennedy had been a Wookie instead of a mere human being. (image credit: Paulie Cashews/Design Crowd)
We're not sure that a Jedi would be allowed to play baseball. After all, he could use the force to manipulate the ball and cheat for victory.  (image credit: Maupadre/Design Crowd)
Fed up with not being able to hit anything, this Storm Trooper has given up their weapon and put their hand to dog walking instead. (image credit: adamplitt/Design Crowd)