If there wasn't enough digital camera announcements at the moment, Acer, the laptop manufacturer has announced it to will be joining the market. In was seems to be an attempt to keep up with its self proclaimed main competitor, BenQ, Acer will to be joining the digital camera sector.

Launching in December, specific details are still very sketchy, however what is confirmed is that the company will be launching three models to start with ranging from £250 - £350.

On the cards are a 5 megapixel 3x optical zoom credit card sized model, a 6 megapixel 3x optical in black and another 5 megapixel 3x optical zoom model in silver.

This is the first venture into the digital camera market for Acer, although in a statement at a press conference in Malta, Acer stated that it wasn't interested in becoming a consumer player wanting instead to be known as a PC manufacturer. In addition to the cameras Acer also announce the launch of a range of consumer LCD TVs.