Bogen Imaging has launched a new Kata backpack, in the shape of the R-106.

Inspired by consumer feedback, the Kata R-106 has been designed for photographers and videographers who need to carry around large amounts of kit with fast-access to it all when they need it.

It's big enough to carry a DSLR with lens attached or alternatively a pro camcorder, plus plenty of room for accessories, with detatchable side pockets. There's also an "expedition-style" harness system to make carrying it more comfortable.

Also included with it is a two-sided Elements Cover which has a black side to keep rain off, and a silver side to deflect heat.

The Kata R-106 fits within the hand luggage limitation so you can take it on a flight with you, and if it takes a few knocks it features Kata’s Thermo-Shield Technology (TST) Rib structural protection to shield the contents of the backpack from accidental damage.

The Kata R-106 is available now for £239.95.