Tomy has released the xiao TIP-521 digital camera, which is the first camera of its kind to also feature a built-in ZINK printer.

ZINK printers feature Zero Ink Technology and require no ink cartridges, technology that is also used by Polaroid in its PoGo mobile printer. There are even rumours that Polaroid is planning a camera similar to Tomy's xiao for release next year.

Until then, the Tomy xiao is a full-featured 5-megapixel digital camera that allows you to capture, view, and immediately print your digital images wherever you are.

The pictures produced are borderless, full-color, 2x3" prints and are ready in less than 60 seconds.

The built-in software on the xiao allows for a variety of printing options from templates to borders, and the camera also features an IrDA receiver so that you can print images sent to the xiao wirelessly from other IrDA devices.

The Tomy xiao is available in Japan from today, but no word when or if we can expect it over here.