JP Distribution has become the exclusive UK distributor for Alpine Innovations, and has added two of its products to its portfolio.

Firstly, Spudz lens cloths are designed to keep your lenses fingerprint and dust free for your whole photo shoot. There are a number of different sizes you can buy, depending on your needs, as well as a number of colour options too.

The cloth stays attached to the inside of a storage pouch, while the snap hook means you can clip it to your camera bag or keyring and never be without it.

Camovers on the other hand are full on neoprene pouches to protect your camera from the elements - and also your clumsiness.

Designed so you put your cameras wrist strap through the top hole in the pouch, you can pull the covre on and off easily, while inside there is a 3" x 4" microfibre cloth attached inside the pouch for you to clean the lens and LCD screen with.

Both products are available now, starting at £2.99 for Spudz depending on size, while the Camovers will retail at £5.99.