Epson and X-Rite have joined forces to create a package aimed at photographers and designers.

Made up of Epson's Style Photo R2880 and X-Rite's i1Display 2, the former offers A3+ printing while the later offers high-end professional monitor calibration and profiling.

The two products have been bundled together to solve the problem of prints failing to match colours displayed on-screen, and enable users to obtain their desired prints first time.

The i1Display 2 offers colour control tools, such as ambient check and match, workgroup match, and push-button calibration and validation. An enhanced sensor also provides higher repeatability, faster measurements and improved sensitivity in dark areas for more natural grey scale.

Once the image is ready to be printed, the Stylus Photo R2880 then matches up the colours accurately, thanks to the refined look-up table algorithms, and prints it using the new Epson Micro Piezo print head for improved print quality.

The bundle will be available in October and will cost £669.99