Mamiya hasn't released all of the tech specs as yet but medium format photography fans should start saving their pennies for three new lenses.

The Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2.8 D/LS will be the first leaf shutter in Mamiya’s AF lineup.

For snappers, this means shutter speeds from 1/800 second to 16 seconds, and the lens also offers flash synchronisation at all speeds.

Says JP Distribution, who is bringing the lens to the UK, the lens also "allows more control for shooting during the day on location where daylight flash synchronisation is required as well as for flash photography in studios".

The lens is also designed to work with the focal-plane shutter system of the Mamiya 645AFDIII camera.

The lens has an angle of view of 47 degrees in the 6x4.5 format, the equivalent of a 50mm lens in the 35mm format.

Photographers can switch between manual and auto focusing by moving the focusing ring back and forward.

Next up is the Sekor AF 45mm F2.8 D optic with has its very own 16 bit CPU, which means it communicates faster with digital cameras including the Mamiya ZD, 645AFDIII and 645AFDII.

Mamiya adds: "Its construction using low-dispersion glass means that chromatic aberration is minimised, and a floating mechanism ensures that high quality images are achieved evenly from centre to periphery."

It also features the one touch switching ring for easy changing between manual and auto focus.

Last up is the Mamiya Sekor AF 150mm F2.8 IF D lens, which has an angle view of 26 degrees, equivalent to a 93mm telephoto lens in the 35mm format.

The minimum focusing distance is 1m, which is 0.5m shorter than the existing AF 150mm f/3.5 lens, claims the manufacturer.

Mamiya has also announced a 4x5 adapter to allow attachment and use between any 4x5 inch format camera and the 22 megapixel ZD Digital Back; and also the 645AFDIII Vertical Grip, which features a shutter release button, a release mode selector, an AE lock button and AF lock button for shooting vertically.

Pricing and availability for all of the new launches has yet to be confirmed.