Canadian-based Lightbox Photo has announced that it is launching its photo gallery software on UK shores.

Lightbox Photo allows users to create their own stock photo libraries or online proofing systems, therefore avoiding the need of commissions to third party providers.

The software gives users everything they need to create a dynamic e-commerce enabled photo gallery website. It gives users the ability to auto generate thumbnails, watermark their images, create private galleries and offer a variety of products including instant downloads. The software can even be used to create your own website, or integrate it into an existing one.

Adrian Ellis co-founder of Lightbox Photo said: "Lightbox Photo empowers photographers by allowing them to present their work how they want, where they want and when they want.

“It has a raft of features specifically aimed at photographers wanting to display and sell their work online. This is where our software plays a key role; allowing the photographer greater flexibility in the products and services that they offer, while maintaining full control over their images."

He added: "It also gives them direct access to the customer who may need additional image research or want to commission a photo shoot."

You can get hold of Lightbox Photo in Standard, Professional or Enterprise versions, and are priced from $399 (around £200). For more information on each of these, head over to the Lightbox Photo website.